Esperanza Muñoz, also known as Monita, is a professional boxer. Her boyfriend and manager, Quique, does not show great responsibility in handling her career. Monita loses a fight and suffers a hand injury that will force her to stop her boxing activities for some time. This will force her to look for a job while she is away from the ring. On the other hand, there is a powerful businessman called Martin Quesada, who inherited a company from his father and turned it into a real empire. He is returning to Argentina unexpectedly to settle some crucial issues in the company. Martin had been married to a beautiful woman who died in a plane crash. As a result, Martin, a racer of Formula One cars, will abandon the racetrack. His job, to which he devotes entirely, his girlfriend, not even his love for racing will seem to satisfy him. In his struggle to discover an answer, he will work in close cooperation with a friend of his, Teresa, who manages an orphanage for homeless children. Similarly, Monita is struggling to change her life. One of her neighbors tells her that they are looking for an employee in the company where she works… Wearing some striking clothes, she will turn up at Martin’s company to apply for the job. Martin and Monita will first meet at the entrance of the building, and will immediately feel attracted to each other. Teresa is looking after three siblings: Jose, Laura and Coki. They have been moving around different institutions, waiting for a family to adopt them. When Martin arrives at the orphanage, the children have just heard that Coki will be adopted by a family. The judge will separate the children, thus making a huge mistake. Martin will immediately get involved with the children’s situation and will end up taking the children home. Monita did not have a good time at her interview. Outside the downpour is torrential… Monita is crying her hard luck. When he returns from the orphanage, Martin finds her sitting there, soaking wet. On hearing about her story in the company, he promises to help her. He tells her to go back to the office and talk with one of the persons there. Monita thinks that he is an employee in the company but he won’t tell her the truth. He feels attracted by the girl’s spontaneity… She is caught by his gentle manners. But when they look at each other in the eyes, it stops raining, the sun starts shining and both of them feel that their lives will change for ever.


Natalia Oreiro

Esperanza Monita Muñoz

Facundo Arana

Martín Quesada

Carla Peterson

Constanza Insúa

Carlos Belloso

Quique Ferreti

Marcelo Mazzarello

Miguel Quesada

Claudia Fontán


Alejandro Awada

Alfredo Uribe



Ernesto Korovsky y Sebastián Parrotta

Direction of Photography

Pablo Storino y Jorge Fernández

Art Direction

Liza Gieco


Alicia Flores y Estela Flores

Coordination of Production

Ivana Polonsky

Executive Production

César Markus González


Daniel De Felippo y Rodolfo Antúnez

Original Idea

Adrián Suar



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