The werewolf myth. Thirty years ago, in a town in the interior of the country, a woman gives birth to her seventh son. A witch predicts that the most terrible omen will come true: As the legend goes, the seventh son will be a werewolf. During the first full moon after the young man turns thirty, the transformation will take place. And it will be inevitable... The child’s father listens to the terrifying prophecy and decides to abandon him. Thirty years later, now knowing that he was not raised by his biological mother, all Lucas cares about is confirming his suspicion that he is the Diaz Pujols’ youngest son. He goes to the family company to find his true identity and, without knowing it, also to find love, when he meets Sofía Linares there. At the same time, Lucas begins to feel changes in his life and in his body. He still does not know that he turns into a werewolf when there is a full moon… Animal instincts woven into a love story. And there is a hunter that wants to hunt him down.


Gonzalo Heredia

Lucas Moreno

Vanesa González

Ana Linares

Osvaldo Laport

Lisandro Díaz Pujol

Luisana Lopilato

Victoria Robledo

Adrián Navarro

Bruno Díaz Pujol

Viviana Saccone

Rebeca Solarí de Díaz Pujol

Esteban Pérez

Andrés Díaz Pujol

Laura Azcurra

Julia Linares de Díaz Pujol

Esteban Meloni

Franco Díaz Pujol

Mónica Galán

Lucía Nadal de Linares

Peto Menahem

Cristian "Malte" Castro

Gerardo Romano

Leopoldo Díaz Pujol

Luis Machín

Toribio Páez de Toledo

Marcelo de Bellis

Jorge Valencia

María del Cerro

Flor Mujica

Alberto Ajaka


Norma Aleandro




Lily Ann Martin / Cecilia Guerty

Sound Direction

Anibal Girbal / Adrián de Michelle

Art Direction

Mariela Pita

Photography Director

Martín Sapia / Alejandro del Campo


Alicia Flores / Estela Flores


Sabrina Kirzner / Natalia Monteferrario


Alejandro Parvis

Production Chiefs

Martín Zalazar / Wesley Félix

Assistant Directors

Lucas Ruiz Barrea / Oscar Friedrich

Production Coordination

Soledad Concilio

Content Direction

Marcos Carnevale

Executive Production

Paula Granica

General Production

Adrián Suar


Jorge Montero / Jorge Bechara



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