The Unique Ones are a special and secret unit of agents who fight evil to defend the common welfare of humanity. Only a few people know about their existence. The unique agents possess some special gifts which differentiate them from the rest of the mortals and that is why they have been carefully chosen. Each one of them has, at least once, worked with the ordinary security forces, but this time they are recruited by the philanthropist Alfredo Monterrey, who devotes his life to organize and control the proper functioning of these teams in different parts of the world, and who is also in charge of the operations. His current mission is to complete the creation of the Argentinean team, whose residence is a total mystery. For this purpose and helped by his loyal assistant, Soraya, he will summon "the best ones". They will have to face those who try to destabilize the system, such as the villain Livio Muzak ―Monterrey’s number-one enemy― and Ronco Milevich, another violent and ruthless criminal. Besides, they will have to deal with the ups and downs of the bonds within the group itself, as they will not become only friends. There will be romance although the integration protocols forbid them to have any type of emotional relationship with one another.


Mariano Martínez

Diego Rouvier

Nicolás Cabré

Axel Etcheverry

Griselda Siciliani

María Monterrey

Nicolás Vázquez

Rubén Hagi

Eugenia Tobal

Rosario Ahumada

Marcelo Mazzarello

Adolfo Fortuna

Pepe Monje

Hugo Albarracín

Jimena Barón

Poly Said

Claudia Fontán

Soraya Bismark

Arnaldo André

Alfredo Monterrey

Julieta Zylberberg

Helena Epstein

Pilar Gamboa

Violeta Morano

Carlos Belloso

Livio Muzark

Favio Posca

Ronco Milevich



Marcos Carnevale / Pablo Junovich / Mariano Vera

Authorial Collaboration

Gisela Benenzon / Marcelo Cabrera / Guillermo Hermida

Art Direction

Liza Gieco

Sound Direction

Aníbal Girbal / Adrián De Michelle

Photography Director

Alejo De Falco / Pablo Storino


Terry Núñez


Sabrina Kirzner / Natalia Monteferrario


Pedro Pisano

Production Chiefs

Mauro Santiago / Ariel Ferrero

Assistant Director

Marcelo Biscardi / Lucas Gil

Production Coordination

Fiorella Agostino

Content Direction

Marcos Carnevale

Executive Producer

Adrián Gonzalez

General Production

Adrián Suar


Rodolfo Antúnez / Sebastián Pivotto



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