Rocio and Rodolfo have never met before. When the story begins, they are really far away but, soon, they will end up running into each other in the place where their love story will develop: the Southern Community Market. Rocio, separated from her possessive husband Gaston, finds refuge in the house of her cousin, Pina, who owns the bakery shop in the Market. Rodolfo has been in jail for two years for a crime he did not commit. Now the judge has decided to release Rodolfo on parole. He follows his own father’s steps and decides to sell coffee in the streets. Armando is the “hopeless bachelor” in the family and has got really close to his brother-in-law Rodolfo. Armando has always been in love with Paloma, the woman who owns the grocery store in the Market, but he has never been able to confess his love to her. Paloma became a widower two years ago, but she has not given up on love yet. Rodolfo’s comeback causes a great deal of commotion. Even Katia, the owner of the deli market, looks radiant, since she has always waited for Rodolfo to come back. Soon the placid life at the Market will change when a series of events involving love, hate and alliances shake up the entire place.


Osvaldo Laport

Rodolfo Rivera

Andrea Del Boca

Rocío Mosconi (Ana Insúa)

Miguel A. Rodríguez

Armando Cutuli

Susú Pecoraro

Paloma Vacarezza

María Leal

Malvina Andrade

Luisana Lopilato

Bianca Rivera

Alejandro Awada

Sandro Vacarezza

Calu Rivero

Lola Rivera

Viviana Saccone

Katia Perez Alfonso

Ludovico Di Santo

Teo Carrasco



Alejandro Ocón / Solange Keoleyán / Sebastián Parrotta

Art Direction

Liza Gieco

Photography Director

Pablo Storino / Alejo de Falco


Sabrina Kirzner


Alicia Flores / Estela Flores

Assistant Directors

Lucas Gil / Matías Bertilotti

Chief Production

Mauro Santiago / Ariel Ferrero

Production Coordination

Fiorella Agostino

Content Direction

Marcos Carnevale

Executive Production

Adrián González

General Production

Adrián Suar


Martín Sabán / Sebastián Pivotto



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