Antonio is a calm, cultured, intelligent and reserved man. He is like a father for his niece and nephew, a partner for his divorced sister, María Laura, and a support for his wife, Mónica, who went dumb after a stroke. However, Antonio is not happy. For the last 46 years, he has kept a secret that fills him with hate, resentment, and repressed anger. Today, on his fifty-sixth birthday, this secret leads him to shake the town’s calm. During the Penitentes’ Day celebration, Antonio decides to kill. Not only one person. Not everyone. But one neighbor per each Zodiac sign. And not any neighbor, but the worst one. His sister María Laura, a police officer and also a housewife, together with her ex-husband Pablo, the neighbor town’s District Attorney, are in charge of the investigation of these mysterious crimes. This is the story of a killer who will not stop until he completes the Zodiac circle. Is Antonio a victim of a town full of cowards or just a psychopath who is obsessed with a past he used as an excuse to be able to kill?


Julio Chavez

Antonio Cruz

Claudia Fontán

María Laura Cruz

Alberto Ajaka

Pablo Agüero

Tomás Wicz

Martín Agüero

Guadalupe Manent

Sofía Agüero



Leandro Calderone / Carolina Aguirre

Edition & Musicalization

Alejandro Alem

Sound Direction

Aníbal Girbal / Adrián de Michelle

Art Direction

Mariela Pita

Photography Director

Guillermo Zappino


Lorena Díaz


Gabriela Fantl


Alejandro Parvis

Production Chief

Wesley Félix

Assistant Director

Alejandro Hartmann

Production Coordination

Ivana Polonsky

Executive Production

Diego Andrasnik

General Production

Adrián Suar


Daniel Barone



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