The 24th Squad is the place where cops who must purge some shameful sin are sent. The arrival of Vico and Paula, two officers with an impeccable service record will give rise to many changes. They will join forces to serve their sentence and, together, they will bend over backwards to turn the squad into a true elite team. But, while they try to do good, they will be monitored closely by Guillermo, a corrupt captain that used to work side by side with Vico’s father in the force. He has an illegitimate daughter, who is no other than Paula, who completely ignores her father’s identity.


Facundo Arana

Victorio Villa

Romina Gaetani

Paula Pico / Inchausti

Eleonora Wexler

Martina Mendoza

Oscar Martínez

Guillermo Inchausti

Florencia Raggi

Sofía Santa María

Pablo Rago

Fabián Aguilera

Gabriel Corrado

Federico Castro

Gabriel Goity

Francisco "Paco" Longo

Eugenia Tobal

Bárbara Díaz

Favio Posca

Roberto Belardi

Marina Bellati

Evangelina Cisneros

Brenda Gandini

Lucila Villa

Victorio D'Alessandro

Joaquín Agüero

Benjamín Liberman

Gastón Sofritti

Manuela Pal

Gisella Villa

Candela Vetrano

Milagros "Mili" Villa

Maximiliano Ghione

Amadeo Lucero

Pablo Brichta

Humberto Peralta

Lautaro Perotti

Esteban Garrido



Marcos Osorio Vidal / Willy Van Broock

Edition & Musicalization

Gonzalo Arias

Visual Effects Direction

Andrés Bocán

Sound Direction

Aníbal Girbal / Adrián de Michelle

Art Direction

Mariana Sourrouille

Photography Director

Martín Sapia / Alejandro del Campo


María Teresa Núñez


Alejandro Parvis


Sabrina Kirzner / Natalia Monteferrario

Production Chiefs

Leandro Aguirre / Weasley Felix

Assistant Directors

Fabián Caeiro / Alejandro Ibáñez

Production Coordination

Soledad Concilio

Content Direction

Marcos Carnevale

Production Direction

Diego Andrasnik

Executive Production

Adrián González

General Production

Adrián Suar


Rodolfo Antúnez / Jorge Nisco



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