Julia lives in La Merced with her adoptive mother, Blanca, who works at a factory. Due to the pollution caused by the factory, Blanca contracts a serious disease. Before she dies, she gives Julia evidence of the factory´s culpability. At the beginning of the story, we find Julia taking this evidence to a lawyer to report the owners of the factory, but she is caught by some thugs and has to run away. On her way to Buenos Aires, she runs into Tomás, a young priest who is returning to the city after being absent for four years. Julia takes shelter in the Santa Rosa Convent, whose mother superior was a childhood friend of Blanca’s. Afraid that she may be caught, the Mother Superior makes her pretend to be a novice and rechristens her Hope. Julia adapts to living with the nuns, without knowing that one of them, Sister Clara, is no other than her biological mother. Tomás is reunited with his brother Máximo, who has taken charge of the family company after their parents’ accidental death. When he hears his brother’s decision to withdraw the subsidy that his father used to pay for the maintenance of the Convent, Tomás decides to oppose it and make contact with the nuns himself. That is how he starts seeing Hope almost every day, and the relationship and the feelings between them start to grow. Since Hope is hiding and has assumed a false identity, she cannot tell him the truth. She is not a novice and has fallen madly in love with him. In turn, Tomás sees his religious calling waver.


Lali Espósito


Mariano Martínez

Tómas Ortiz

Gabriela Toscano

Hermana Clara

Federico D'Elía

Jorge Correa

Tomás Fonzi

Máximo Ortiz

Natalie Pérez

Eva Monti

Ángela Torres

Lola Fiore

Ana María Picchio

Hermana Concepción

Rita Cortese

Hermana Genoveva

Carola Reyna

Hermana Beatriz

Franco Masini

Pedro Correa

Jimena Barón

Gilda Albarracín

Mónica Cabrera


Pedro Alfonso


Michel Noher

Nicolás Aguilera

Karina K

Hermana María

Laura Cymer

Hermana Diana

Gipsy Bonafina

Hermana Suplico

Vanesa Butera

Hermana Carmela

Virginia Kaufmann

Hermana Pilar

Federico Barga

Oscar Fiore



Claudio Lacelli / Lily Ann Martin / Marta Betoldi / Santiago Guerty

Sound Direction

Aníbal Girbal / Adrián de Michelle

Art Direction

Adriana Slemenson / Lucía Leschinsky

Photography Director

Guillermo Zappino / Alejo de Falco


Lorena Díaz


Iliana Rippel


Mariano Gundín

Chief Production

Julieta Martinelli / Gustavo Neistat

Assistant Director

Mariela Osorio / Paulina Rodríguez / Lucas Ruiz Barrea

Production Management

Florencia Visconti

Content Direction

Marcos Carnevale

Production Director

Diego Andrasnik

Executive Production

Paula Granica

General Production

Adrián Suar


Sebastian Pivotto/ Rodolfo Antúnez / Alejandro Ibáñez / Lucas Gil



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