Since 1994, providing the best production quality to the world .

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Pol-ka Producciones was created in 1994, when Adrián Suar and Fernando Blanco joined efforts to produce the pilot program for Poliladron, their first production. Today, with over 8 annual simultaneous productions, Pol-ka has become the major fiction producer in Argentina and one of the most important ones in Latin America.   

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Get to know Pol-ka better- Everything you already know and what you still do not know about our productions. We work with passion, with dedication and with the aim of providing the best quality.

About us


Our wide variety of productions positions Pol-ka among the best production companies in the market, appearing on the best channels and working on highly-demanded projects for the internationa market.

Original Content

We create original contents based on a wide variety of genres, for different targets.

High Quality

We are equipped with the best technology, as we have state-of-the-art equipments and production sets in order to provide our clients with the highest quality.

Adrián Suar

Actor, producer and Program Manager of El Trece. In 1994, he founded Polka and changed the history of television by introducing innovations in his production designs and artistic realizations. He has also produced a long list of feature films, among which we can mention: Comodines, Cohen vs Rosi, Apariencias, Un novio para mi mujer, Igualita a mí, Dos más dos and Me casé con un boludo. 


Adrián Suar

Creative Director

Roberto Lorenzi

General Manager

Diego Andrasnik

Production Director

Manuel Martí

Development and International Business Director

Paul Kirzner

Commercial Director

Marcos Carnevale

Content Director

Diego Miglioranza

Administration Manager

Matías Beltran

Planning and Finance Manager

Ricardo Adrián Amenábar​

Operations and HR Manager

Mauro Quiroga

Technical and Post-Productions Manager

Francisco Pagliaro

Digital Planning Strategy

Vanesa Bafaro

Head of Press and Comunications